Life advice

Today, we are living in an entertaining metropolitan world. Introduction of smartphones, laptops and numerous high-tech gadgets has made things interesting but very demanding. For example, everyone wants to make good money, and spend all their time and energy making more money. You want to make a lot of money because no one is satisfied. Many are the times that we assure ourselves that if we can get a certain amount of money, life would be sweet and enjoyable. But once you make that money, you realize you even need more than that.
Life Advice- Why you need to Look Through the Window

What can you do to feel satisfied?

After reading several books, I have realized that money is not as important as we view it. Even though we cannot live without money, it is not that necessary.
One day I went to visit a local pastor to seek advice about life, and to be able to see the true meaning of life. I also wanted to know how someone can feel satisfied even when money is more than enough.
The pastor was shocked but told me to look through the window. Then he asked “what do you see” Quickly I said, “I can see people walking and a blind person begging for money.”
He then guided me to a big mirror in the room. “Now what do you see?” he asked. I can only see myself, I said. He smiled and said, “But you cannot see someone else, right?” I said, yes.

You can see through it

The window and the mirror are both made of glass. However, since the manufacturer has applied a layer of silver on the mirror, you can only see yourself. It can only reflect your own image. Compare yourself with the two items. With the silver layer, all you can see is your image. Without the silver layer, you can see other people, and feel sympathy and pity for them. I tried to comprehend what he was saying but I could not understand. He continued, you will be satisfied and feel life worthless if you can remove the silver layer over your eyes. Without the covering, you will be able to see better, see other people and help the needy. He touched me at the back and told me to go.


After a few days, I have understood what he meant. It is true that money is a necessity and we cannot ignore that we need it in our lives. Without money, we will live a disappointing life and it can cause pain and heartbreaks in the future. However, everyone should follow pastor’s advice. If you approach life through a silver layer, all you will see is yourself.
But once you remove that covering, you will see, feel and comfort other people. We should look at both glasses. However, keep in mind that a mirror will only reflect ourselves, but a window is a gate to good health, life satisfaction, compassion and true wealth. Bottom-line is that you should seek money by all means, but it should not deter you from other people, life, your family, needy and the poor.